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  • The Safe2Great Study – Integrating Psychological Safety and Growth Mindset into an Integrated Leadership Model

  • The 6 Stages of Psychological Safety reimagined for the global, digital workplace.

  • Ultimate Guide to Growth Mindset

  • Growth Mindset as Strategy for Business Growth

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  • Ultimate Guide to Growth Mindset

    How to develop beyond what you thought was possible by integrating psychological safety and growth mindset into the Safe2Great method. This is a summary blog linking to our vast library of resources on Growth Mindset and Psychological Safety. It includes theory, definitions and practical advice. Why developing a growth mindset is harder and more important…

  • Leading in Uncertainty with Psychological Safety and Growth Mindset

    “Why empowerment makes no sense at all, and yet makes all the sense in the world. ” Empowerment makes sense Empowerment stands as a pivotal strategy for managing uncertainty and complexity. It enhances organizational agility and adaptability, crucial in rapidly changing environments. By empowering team members, diverse perspectives and skills are brought to the forefront, fostering…

  • How to develop a Growth Mindset via Psychological Safety?

    Growth Mindset is not possible without Psychological Safety; Psychological Safety is not enough without Growth Mindset. Safe2Great – the Concept that Integrates Psychological Safety and Growth Mindset In the landscape of organizational and leadership development, the concepts of Growth Mindset and Psychological Safety have become increasingly prominent over the last decade. These ideas, often discussed…

  • Growth Mindset & The Four Zones of Development

    The Four Zones of Development: Navigating the Growth Mindset Journey The concept of the Four Zones of Development offers a vital framework for appreciating the evolution of mindsets and behaviors, particularly within the professional sphere. It outlines a transformative journey from a reactive state to proactive growth and lifelong learning, integral to the ‘Safe to…

  • Conspiracy of Silence

    “When the risk of speaking up is great than the safety of silence” Crucial Conversations – Joseph Grenny et al. Addressing the “conspiracy of silence” (Crucial Conversations) is pivotal when it comes to fostering psychological safety within an organization. This phenomenon, where individuals withhold their thoughts and concerns due to perceived risks, can be a…

  • How does Mindset Develop and Grow?

    We grow from calamity and epiphany – but we can also ungrow. Our Mindset Enables Us to Surpass our DNA. Contrary to the notion that our mindset is predetermined by genetics or early life experiences, a growth mindset is mostly cultivated in adulthood. This development often occurs through relationships with mentors, coaches, friends, and life…

  • The 7 Practices of a Growth Mindset

    Do you have the mental practices that differentiate between ordinary and extraordinary leadership? Over the course of a 25-year career in executive coaching in companies across the globe, I have honed a methodology for evaluating and nurturing a growth mindset in leaders. This approach is centered around seven key criteria, which are crucial for assessing where…

  • 12 Growth Mindset Coaching Questions

    In a world increasingly defined by rapid change and complexity, fostering a growth mindset is essential for personal and professional development. The Safe2Great framework offers a nuanced approach to this, emphasizing not just individual performance, but the profound impact one can have through emotional intelligence and relational dynamics. Central to this philosophy are six key…

  • What is Growth Mindset?

    “A growth mindset ultimately allows you to realize and exceed your personal and relational potential. To bring out more than you ever thought possible in yourself AND others.”  Skip Bowman, author of “Safe to Great – the New Psychology of Leadership” In her 2006 book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,” Carol Dweck introduced the concept of growth and fixed mindsets,…

  • What is Psychological Safety – and why it’s not natural

    Safe to Great In “Safe to Great – the New Psychology of Leadership,” Skip Bowman intricately explores the interplay between psychological safety, growth mindset, and high performance. In this guide, we aim to provide a detailed model that connects psychological safety with growth mindset. Safe to Great book written by Skip Bowman Before integrating these concepts into the Safe2Great model, let’s…

  • Growth Mindset is about emotions

    Emotions, Not Beliefs, Are the Most Important, Untold Story of a Growth Mindset In the discussion of growth mindset, much attention is given to beliefs and thought patterns. However, the untold story, the deeper current shaping our actions and reactions, lies in our emotions. Emotions, often raw and tangible, are the first signals we send…

  • Growth Mindset is a Team Sport

    Unlike most theories on Growth Mindset, the Safe2Great model makes relationships the key focus of development and expanding potential. Connection is also an essential intrinsic motivator. Discussing Personal and Relational Growth within the ‘Safe to Great’ Mindset Embarking on the journey of developing a growth mindset, where we rewire ourselves for enhanced performance, is a…

  • Growth Mindset Enhances Autonomy

    One of the most important and powerful intrinsic motivators according to Daniel Pink is “autonomy”. Any theory about growth mindset must demonstrate how it develops autonomy. In this messy and complex world, growth mindset emerges as a beacon of hope—a readiness to embrace change, an eagerness to experiment with new approaches, and a boldness to…

  • We are Operating Beyond our Red Line

    What does it mean to be struggling with cognitive and collaborative overload

  • Why a Growth Mindset is Harder to Develop and More Important Than Ever

    Change In an era marked by rapid change and complexity, growth mindset has emerged as a vital tool for navigating the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. Its more important and yet harder than ever to build a growth mindset Martin Ford aptly states, “The future of work will stretch and ultimately exceed the…

  • Creating Psychological Safety: A Comprehensive Guide For Effective Leadership

    Psychological safety is more than a concept; it’s the cornerstone of a thriving organizational culture that values innovation, resilience, and collaboration.

  • The Safe to Great Study: Journey and Insights

    Skip’s research, prominently featured in his seminal work “Safe to Great,” underscores the potency of the growth mindset in driving profound organizational change.

  • Building a Culture of Exploration for Organizational Growth

    The principle of Explore stands as a guiding force, urging teams and leaders to embrace change, convert failures into opportunities, and transform ideas into progress.

  • Growth Mindset and Eco-System Leadership

    This innovative work introduces the concept of eco-system leadership, highlighting its alignment with a purpose-driven growth mindset—a key to addressing the challenges posed by our changing world.

  • Navigating Workplace Burnout: The Impact of Cognitive and Collaborative Overload

    Delve into the underlying factors contributing to this burnout epidemic, where the concepts of cognitive and collaborative overload stand out.

  • Leadership Theory – For Now and the Future

    It’s crucial to ground leadership theory within the context of our current times, addressing the significant challenges that shape our world today and in the future.

  • Empowerment: Delegation and Development

    Genuine empowerment thrives in an environment where a balance is struck between delegation and development.

  • There’s a lot of crap about Psychological Safety

    My research shows that the correlations between leadership behaviours and psychological safety are not as strong as you might expect.

  • The Safe to Great Leadership Model: A Contemporary Approach to 21st Century Leadership

    The Safe to Great Leadership Model offers a robust toolkit for leaders aiming to foster high-performance organizations.

  • Press Release – Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership

    Renowned author and leadership expert Skip Bowman presents “Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership,” a game-changing book.

  • The Conspiracy of Silence

    The conspiracy of silence holds us back from achieving true psychological safety and stifles our growth as individuals and teams.

  • Micro-aggressions: Undermining Psychological Safety and Hindering Growth Culture

    This article aims to shed light on how micro-aggressions perpetuate status differentials and provide insights into the negative impact they have within organizations.

  • The Safe2Great Method: Unlocking Growth Mindset in Leadership and Teams

    In this article, we will explore the Safe2Great method, a powerful framework for implementing a growth mindset in leadership and teams.

  • Striking the Balance: Decisiveness vs. Dominance in Leadership

    In this post, we’ll explore the difference between decisiveness and dominance and how balance can lead to positive leadership.

  • From Personality Preferences to Principled Leadership

    Safe2Great’s emphasis on shifting leadership toward principles is based on research from experts in leadership and organizational psychology.

  • Navigating Leadership: The Thin Line Between Integrity and Self-Righteousness

    In leadership, integrity and self-righteousness, though initially virtuous, hold distinct differences that shape a leader’s effectiveness and impact.

  • How to Turn a Critical Culture into Culture for Growth?

    By promoting a growth mindset at all levels of the organization, the Safe2Great method can help to break down the barriers created by a critical-skeptical mindset.

  • Confidence and You Podcast

    Skip shares with Helen Luxford on her podcast Confidence in You the importance of having great relationships in your life and how to ask for help and lean on others.

  • Safe2Great Cures Toxic Organisations

    A toxic boss can create a negative and unhealthy work environment, which can have a negative impact on your well-being and productivity.

  • Hand Grenade

    A hand grenade exploded in the room but it definitely put things in motion and instilled an honest and open atmosphere.

  • From Safe to Great – Putting Growth Mindset to Work

    The book argues that the only way to fully realise the potential of Growth mindset in your organisation, you will have to map and develop 6 growth mindset principles.

  • Protective Mindsets – the real reason why we don’t grow

    Leaders know a lot about Growth Mindset and the healthy behaviours that bring out the best in others, they just can’t be bothered or prefer leading in controlling or critical ways.

  • What is a Culture for Growth

    If you want to really embrace Growth Mindset and shift to a Commitment Culture, you will need to think deeply about these issues.

  • Do you Need to Change Yourself to Change your Culture? No and Yes

    You don’t have to change your deep personality to create a Growth culture. But you do need to change how you talk and act. It’s just a script.

  • Learn to Look for the Pattern not just the Behaviour

    When you look at someone’s behaviour, you have to consider whether you are the one leading the dance and others are following.

  • Great Teams have a Growth Mindset – What does that look like?

    Great teams are built on a common purpose that makes being in the team worthwhile and meaningful.

  • Controlling Leaders don’t provide clear Leadership – Myth Busted!

    Controlling leaders not only have a significantly negative impact on information-sharing and collaboration, they do not provide very clear direction either.