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Safe to Great

The key to opening the mind is discovering your mindset anchors - what makes you safe but holds you back.

Beyond Growth Mindset: Embracing the Self-Transforming Mind

“When Carol Dweck writes about a growth mindset, she seems to be defining a learning mindset. Growth is something different. It’s transformational rather than incremental.” Introduction In recent years, Carol Dweck’s concept of a growth mindset has gained significant traction in educational and professional circles. This mindset, characterized by the belief in the malleability of…

The Safe2Great model integrating Psychological safety and growth mindset

How to develop a Growth Mindset via Psychological Safety?

Growth Mindset is not possible without Psychological Safety; Psychological Safety is not enough without Growth Mindset. Safe2Great – the Concept that Integrates Psychological Safety and Growth Mindset In the landscape of organizational and leadership development, the concepts of Growth Mindset and Psychological Safety have become increasingly prominent over the last decade. These ideas, often discussed…

Man doing Tai Chi in a park to symbolise the growth mindset practices

The 7 Practices of a Growth Mindset

Do you have the mental practices that differentiate between ordinary and extraordinary leadership? Over the course of a 25-year career in executive coaching in companies across the globe, I have honed a methodology for evaluating and nurturing a growth mindset in leaders. This approach is centered around seven key criteria, which are crucial for assessing where…

What is Growth Mindset?

“A growth mindset ultimately allows you to realize and exceed your personal and relational potential. To bring out more than you ever thought possible in yourself AND others.”  Skip Bowman, author of “Safe to Great – the New Psychology of Leadership” In her 2006 book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,” Carol Dweck introduced the concept of growth and fixed mindsets,…

Safe to Great Book - Skib Bowman

The Safe to Great Study: Journey and Insights

Skip's research, prominently featured in his seminal work "Safe to Great," underscores the potency of the growth mindset in driving profound organizational change.

The Safe to Great Leadership Model: A Contemporary Approach to 21st Century Leadership - Skip Bowman

The Safe to Great Leadership Model: A Contemporary Approach to 21st Century Leadership

The Safe to Great Leadership Model offers a robust toolkit for leaders aiming to foster high-performance organizations.