Business as Unusual: Transforming Leadership with Skip Bowman

People First: A mantra that drives every aspect of Skip's work.

Who is Skip Bowman?

Skip Bowman is a leadership expert, author, and advocate for psychological safety in the workplace. With a career spanning over two decades, Skip has transformed organisations by putting people first.

Transforming organizations to the green economy with a growth mindset and psychological safety.

Challenges toxic leaders to change, emphasizing a “people first” mantra for successful business, leadership, and change.

Developed unique programs over 25 years, integrating growth mindset and psychological safety into leadership and organizational development.

A Journey of Transformation

From his early days in organisational development to founding Safe2Great, Skip has always been a disruptor. His mission: to make business unusual by focusing on people, not just profits.

Best-Selling Author

Author of the book ‘Safe2Great’, recently released in the USA and available to European audiences in November.

Leadership Expert

Founder of Safe2Great, a consultancy focused on creating psychologically safe workplaces.

Highly Acclaimed Speaker

A sought-after speaker known for his engaging and transformative talks that inspires audiences.