Leading Change, Creating Impact

Uncover the transformative power of Skip Bowman's change leadership.

Why Change Leadership?

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, effective change leadership is not just beneficial; it’s essential.

Skip has been leading change and transformation in organisations for over 20 years. He brings unique ability to design and facilitate a modern approach to change and help you create a highly engaging vision and communication strategy.

Our Services

Strategic planning, vision crafting, and more.

Define your strategic story

Safe2Great helps businesses create a compelling narrative that communicates their goals, vision, and values to stakeholders. The strategic story is a roadmap that outlines where the organization is headed and why it matters. By defining a clear and concise strategic story, businesses can align their teams, communicate their value proposition to customers, and attract investors.

Build a coalition for change

Safe2Great helps businesses create a leadership team committed to driving change. By involving key stakeholders in the change process, businesses can build a strong coalition that promotes buy-in, accountability, and support. This is the first step in the “Contagious” change process.

Map your organisational culture and leadership

Safe2Great helps businesses assess their current culture and leadership capabilities. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their culture and leadership, businesses can identify areas for improvement and develop a plan for change. Often new strategies require a new culture. Don’t let your culture, eat your strategy for breakfast.

Develop Growth Mindset in your key leaders and talents

Safe2Great team helps businesses cultivate a growth mindset culture among their key leaders and talents. By embracing a growth mindset, businesses can encourage innovation, learning, and development. The Safe2Great team’s approach involves providing training and coaching.

Success Stories

Successful change leadership initiatives led by Skip.

Over the years, the Safe2Great team has helped numerous businesses achieve their goals, ranging from startups to established organizations. Their expertise has proven invaluable in helping businesses navigate the complexities of change, enabling them to grow and thrive.