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Why Choose Skip as Your Speaker?

Skip Bowman brings a unique blend of expertise, charisma, and actionable insights to every speaking engagement.

Inspirational, provocative and fun, Skip brings real corporate consulting and coaching experience to any live event. Motivating and thought-provoking, Skip tailors every speech to the needs of the organisation and the audience.

Topics Skip Covers

From psychological safety to growth mindset and leadership growth, Skip covers a wide range of topics tailored to your needs.

Great Leadership

During the last 4 years, Skip Bowman has been researching and developing the Safe2Great model of great leadership based on Growth Mindset and Psychological Safety.

Skip and his team have created a unique Growth Mindset 360 assessment tool that can reliably measure mindset in leaders based on feedback from others. Not only does the Safe2Great model define great leadership, it also maps 3 types of “protective mindset”. Understanding what drives growth and what prevents growth are both essential in developing great teams and organisations.

Growth Mindset

In a rapidly changing work environment, we need people who can not only adapt to change, but also leverage it.

For this it is crucial to have a Growth Mindset. But what exactly is it and how does it help to manage today’s work better? In this speech, Skip Bowman will guide you not only on how to develop a growth mindset and even become a growth leader, but will also talk about the barriers to a growth mindset and how to hack growth killers in your team and organization.

Leading Change with a Growth Mindset

Digitalization has an immense impact on the future of our work life.

How will jobs change for the next 12 years? Will they become more caring, creative, collaborative or co-robotive? No matter what the driving force of the change is, leaders have to rethink their role, actions and words, to build the foundation of psychological safety and make it a positive process. In this speech, Skip will guide you through the main steps in leading change and why burning ambition is more important than the burning platform.

Growth Teams

Collaboration is the key to successful businesses. And almost all great work requires people to talk, share, decide and deliver on promises.

Developing a growth mindset in your team is one of the most important steps a Great Growth Leader can take. In this speech, Skip Bowman will outline what are the 6 levels of team work that drive Great teams. He will also share how to create psychological safety in your team – the foundation for Growth. This speech can be easily turned into an interactive workshop depending on your needs.

Culture for Growth

If you are really serious about Growth Mindset, you have to create teams and entire organisations that support, encourage and catalyse growth behaviours.

A Culture for Growth can make an enormous positive impact on strategy implementation, agility, and innovation. Skip Bowman will share the principles of cultural change based on a growth mindset. In this speech, you will learn what are the real ways to shape culture and what are the myths. If you really want to make a change to a culture for growth, this is really the place to start your journey.

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