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Press Release – Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership

Renowned author and leadership expert Skip Bowman presents “Safe to Great - The New Psychology of Leadership,” a game-changing book.
Safe to Great - The New Psychology of Leadership

Introducing a ground-breaking book on leadership:

“Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership” by Skip Bowman

Copenhagen, 6 June – Skip Bowman, Chief Transformational Officer of Safe2Great, is thrilled to announce the release of his highly anticipated book, “Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership.”

The book, available for pre-orders now, will be officially launched in September 2023, offering readers a transformative guide to achieving high-performance and great results through psychological safety and growth mindset in organizations.

For the first time, you can find both these highly-praised concepts integrated into one approach.

Renowned author and leadership expert Skip Bowman presents “Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership,” a game-changing book that explores the profound impact of psychological safety and growth mindset on leadership and organizational success. With its comprehensive research-based insights and practical strategies, this book is poised to revolutionize the way leaders approach their roles and create thriving work environments.

Readers can expect to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the importance of psychological safety in driving innovation, collaboration, and high-performance within teams and organizations.
  • Discover the power of a growth mindset in fostering continuous learning, resilience, and personal development.
  • Learn techniques for creating a culture based on commitment rather than control and releasing the full potential of your people.
  • Explore the four ages of our time – Green, Globotic, Caring, and Digital Enlightenment – and understand their impact on leadership and workplace dynamics.
  • Uncover strategies to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by each age, ensuring organizations thrive in the face of rapid change and uncertainty.
  • Gain insights into the dark side of leadership, including the pitfalls of protective mindsets, and learn how to foster a culture of growth, inclusivity, and psychological safety.
  • Discover how commitment, autonomy, and collaboration can drive exceptional performance and create a positive work environment.
  • Understand the connection between leadership excellence, sustainability, and creating a fairer and more equal world.
  • Learn how to reduce stress, burnout, and mental illness in the context of work, promoting employee well-being and satisfaction.
  • Explore the potential for personal and organizational growth through the application of the principles outlined in the book.

With its release just a few months away, “Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership” is already generating significant anticipation and excitement among leaders, managers, HR professionals, and individuals interested in driving positive change in their organizations. Pre-order your copy today to embark on a transformative journey towards leadership excellence and organizational success.

“Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership” is the culmination of Skip Bowman’s extensive work as a leadership and organizational development expert for Danish global companies. With over 20 years of experience advising and collaborating with organizations in Denmark and internationally, Bowman brings practical insights and experiences gained through close cooperation with Danish companies. This book reflects not only international perspectives but also insights specific to Danish organizations and their challenges in a global context.

Skip Bowman, the author of “Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership,” is a recognized authority on Danish leadership in a global context. Educated in Denmark and fluent in both Danish and English, Bowman offers a unique perspective shaped by his deep understanding of Danish leadership dynamics. With his extensive experience working with Danish global companies over the past two decades, Bowman brings invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities of Danish leadership in the global landscape. “Safe to Great” serves as a valuable resource for Danish and international readers alike, providing practical guidance for enhancing leadership skills and driving positive organizational change.

“Safe to Great – The New Psychology of Leadership” is published by Figure1 Publishing (https://www.figure1publishing.com), a renowned publishing house based in Canada. This collaboration between Skip Bowman and Figure1 Publishing brings together expertise in leadership and the publishing industry, ensuring the highest quality of content and a global reach for the book. Figure1 Publishing is known for its commitment to delivering exceptional books that inspire and empower readers. With their extensive experience and dedication to publishing transformative works, Figure1 Publishing is the perfect partner for bringing “Safe to Great” to readers worldwide.

Keynote speaker

In addition to his role as an author, Skip Bowman is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker, podcast hosts and workshop leader in both Danish and English. With his engaging and informative speaking style, Bowman captivates audiences, sharing his expertise on Danish leadership and organizational culture in a global context. Whether delivering inspiring keynotes or facilitating interactive workshops, Bowman brings his deep understanding of leadership principles to life, empowering participants to apply the concepts from “Safe to Great” in their own professional journeys. His ability to communicate effectively in both Danish and English allows him to connect with diverse audiences and deliver impactful learning experiences.

About Skip Bowman

Skip Bowman is a Chief Transformational Officer and renowned author, speaker, and executive coach with expertise in organizational psychology. As the creator of the Safe2Great concept, Bowman has dedicated his career to empowering individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential and achieve greatness. Through his thought leadership, Bowman has inspired countless leaders to create psychologically safe and growth-oriented work environments.

Skip Bowman, keynote speaker on psychological safety and growth mindset

Skip Bowman

Author of Safe2Great, keynote speaker on psychological safety and growth mindset

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