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Growth Mindset

What is Psychological Safety – and why it’s not natural

Safe to Great In “Safe to Great – the New Psychology of Leadership,” Skip Bowman intricately explores the interplay between psychological safety, growth mindset, and high performance. In this guide, we aim to provide a detailed model that connects psychological safety with growth mindset. Before integrating these concepts into the Safe2Great model, let’s delve into each one independently. Starting with psychological safety, a…

Growth Mindset Circle - depicting the key elements of mindset and areas for development

Growth Mindset is about emotions

Emotions, Not Beliefs, Are the Most Important, Untold Story of a Growth Mindset In the discussion of growth mindset, much attention is given to beliefs and thought patterns. However, the untold story, the deeper current shaping our actions and reactions, lies in our emotions. Emotions, often raw and tangible, are the first signals we send…

Growth Mindset is a Team Sport

Unlike most theories on Growth Mindset, the Safe2Great model makes relationships the key focus of development and expanding potential. Connection is also an essential intrinsic motivator. Discussing Personal and Relational Growth within the ‘Safe to Great’ Mindset Embarking on the journey of developing a growth mindset, where we rewire ourselves for enhanced performance, is a…

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Growth Mindset Enhances Autonomy

One of the most important and powerful intrinsic motivators according to Daniel Pink is “autonomy”. Any theory about growth mindset must demonstrate how it develops autonomy. In this messy and complex world, growth mindset emerges as a beacon of hope—a readiness to embrace change, an eagerness to experiment with new approaches, and a boldness to…

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Ultimate Guide to Growth Mindset

How to develop beyond what you thought was possible by integrating psychological safety and growth mindset into the Safe2Great method. This is a summary blog linking to our vast library of resources on Growth Mindset and Psychological Safety. It includes theory, definitions and practical advice. Why developing a growth mindset is harder and more important…

Man standing next to a red line indicating that we are beyond our personal potential due to cognitive and collaborative overload,

We are Operating Beyond our Red Line

What does it mean to be struggling with cognitive and collaborative overload